In an undefined time, men are totally assisted by machines called «intellects». The program B01 provides them with a nearly artificial life. A resistance, The Dark Line, claims the the existence of a legendary city symbolically called Babylone; a city exempt from intellects, a world of peace.
Release 2007 Duration 16 mn Camera Super35mm 
Ratio 2:40:1 Sound Dolby Digital 5.1
Naoufel Aliju, Lucie Boujenah
Francis Renaud, Marc Duret
Anthony Dupray & Jo Prestia
Producers Milo Films, Marc Rosemblum & Simon Saulnier
Screenplay Simon Saulnier
Director of photography 
Christophe Larue
Original score My Park
Production designer Bertrand Seitz ADC
Lisa Pfeiffer
Costumes Yuxienne Wang
Adrien Lourdelle
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