In a close future, in a forest where reigns anarchy, a young girl launches a journey to track down the thieves who took her what she care the most.
International title The Edge Release 2015
Duration 16:34 mn Camera ArriRaw 
Ratio 2:40:1
 Ouidad Elma, Saïd Amadis
Samira Sedira, Kelly Tian
Jicey Carina & Cécilia Ngo
Producers Gravity Films & Simon Saulnier 
Screenplay Simon Saulnier & Tom Gobart
Director of photography Thierry Pouget 
Original score Alex Cortés 
Production designer Irene Marinari 
Editor Virginie Seguin
Costumes Agnès Beziers 
Make-up Emma Franco 
Stunt coordinator Kefi Abrikh 
VFX Mac Guff, Sébastien Drouin 
Sound Alexandre Andrillon, Cédric Denooz
Frederic Devanlay & Sébastien Ariaux
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